Google changes Short Term Loan Market overnight.

Google quietly released an Adwords Policy upcoming changes log Below is a list of requirements that the short term loan advertisers need to display on their website.

Implications of late payment
Implications of non-payment
Code of practice/policy on responsible lending
Disclosure of fees including the annual percentage rate (APR)
Disclosure of renewal policy
Legitimate contact information/physical address
Compliance with other state or local regulations related to short-term loans

The items in bold are two little lines that should take out almost all financial lead generators/affiliates worldwide, who are not local government authority licensed, from the Adwords marketplace if Google enforces its own requirements.

We will see how this will play out in the upcoming days as the policy is supposed to be live in Mid-January. If Google enforces these laws, we should expect a fierce competition on organic search traffic race by lead generation and affiliate companies and a rise of ad spend for the state licensed lenders.

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