Gay Cow Revolt

Well I can assure you that Chick-Fil-A would never be in my big portfolio of brands. It is because I am not a “Christian” and they tend to not work with non-“Christians” so much. I have always been a big fan of them in regards to sticking to their beliefs even though they have discriminated against non-Christians in work place. The reason is that their system does not change with the wind like the rest of the corporate world.

Having said that, here is my opinion on their belief in opposing gay rights.

Chick Fil-A


  1. Benita says

    We all have our convictions. I don’t understand at what point we become intolerant of others when they decide to express theirs. I have never not went to a hairdresser because he was gay, that is sh-he prerogative, therefore were do we get off trying to boycott a company because they decide that they do not condone homosexuality. Boycotting a company for that belief is agree that bigotry is OK, as long as it is not done against you.

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