Agency & Food Service

Did you know that most food service companies do not give sick days to their employees? You can imagine sneezing cooks handling your food, sneezing cleaners washing dishes, sneezing cashiers handling your money/credit cards. Now imagine the cost of productive employee hours lost due to corporate employees who became sick eating cafeteria food. Corporations do not think of these details when they believe that a service is “common”. They simply go after the lowest price offering.

The same logic applies interactive marketing agencies. Everyday agencies pitch their services to corporate marketing managers. They offer Web Design, SEO, PPC, PR. banner ads, social media over, over and over again. The problem with that logic is everyone else does the same. As every agency offers the same service, the whole agency game becomes a zero-sum game of diminishing profits for agencies and worse services for corporations.

Dear Interactive agency – Do you dare to package yourself differently? If so let’s talk.

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